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Arrlin Interior Supply
  • Steel does not shrink, rot, splinter, twist, crack, or settle, resulting in fewer call-backs for nail pops or split seams in gypsum board.
  • Steel is not subject to wide price fluctuations. Steel supply is stable.
  • Steel is non-combustible in a fire (most insurance companies offer lower rate for steel framed structures).
  • It is easy to handle, contributing to reduced labor costs and worker fatigue.
  • Steel framing is dimensionally stable.
  • Steel studs pre-punched holes lower electrical and plumbing installations costs.
  • Steel framing costs of installation are often lower than wood with trained crews.
  • Steel studs can be manufactured to exact order lengths, reducing labor costs and waste scrap.
  • Competitive to or costs less than wood.
  • Steel Framing is environmentally Friendly/Energy Efficient.
  • Studs can be recycled when removed
  • Absolute resistance to termites, carpenter ants and all other insects.
  • Cold-formed steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material.

Arrlin carries a full line of steel stud framing and we stock lengths up to 18'.A full line of drywall trims are also available in steel as well as vinyl.


Arrlin Interior Supply
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